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Eyes Of the forest collection

This art collection reflects the artist's inspiration while being surrounded by birch trees.  looking into the birch trees while they look back. Each birch tree has its own individual marking often they look like eyes staring at you as you are wandering between them. In this collection, the artist's intent is to give the viewer the overwhelming depth of the forest by playing with the scale and the positioning of each tree.


Disoriented - $1,400
45"x 45"


Discovered - $800
42" x 55"


Open Sky - Sold
87"x 37"


Nostalgia- Sold
24" x 48"

Algonquin Park.jpg

Algonquin Park - $600
36" x 36"

Ray of lights-0.jpg

Ray Of lights - $1,200
55" x 50"

Winter  in New Brunswick.jpg

Winter in New Brunswick - Sold
32" x 33"


Aspen - Sold
55" x 55"

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