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Mehdi's art works are known for its strong colors, bold lines, and creative Structure. His art is inspired by his emotions, experiences, and his imagination.
Mehdi has been painting for over 20 years and has showcased and sold his artwork in various parts of Canada and other parts of the world. He is passionate about creating art that is meaningful and conveys emotion, as he wants to be able to touch the viewer’s soul by expressing his inner-self through his paintings. 


Mehdi was born in Morocco. Initially he wanted to peruse his education in Art, but this line of education back home in Morocco was neither achievable nor it was socially recognized and appreciated. Despite such impediments, he followed his passion and started his journey of self-teaching by reading different books, watching videos, and experimenting with different mediums and techniques.

Furthermore, after Mehdi completed his degree in Civil Engineering; this then brought his attention and interest to study Architecture. During his Architectural program Mehdi learned to express his art through imagination and other visuals. After he completed his education in Architectural studies in the capital city of Ottawa, He then moved to Toronto for further education to complete his second degree in Construction Project Management. He traveled a great deal in his later years which helped to broaden his inspirational art views.


"We are all connected to a spiritual metaphysical network, unexplained but beautiful mind-heart connection"


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