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At Escape606 Art Studio, I create unique, one-of-a-kind paintings that capture the beauty of the world around us. My art is inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors, as well as events, experiences, and philosophical views. I strive to create artwork that is not only visually stunning, but emotionally resonant as well. 

I invite you to explore my collections. Come find the perfect piece to bring your space to life.


Eyes Of the Forest Collection

This art collection reflects the artist's inspiration while being surrounded by birch trees.  looking into the birch trees while they look back. Each birch tree has its own individual marking often they look like eyes staring at you as you are wandering between them. In this collection, the artist's intent is to give the viewer the overwhelming depth of the forest by playing with the scale and the positioning of each tree.

Bright in The Dark Collection

I strive to create artwork that tells a story. This abstract collection reflects the destruction, wreckage, and tragic situations that many people experience during and after war. By depicting the social borders, psychological fences, and scars that only time can heal, I hope to spread awareness and empathy. My mission is to inspire conversation and evoke emotion through my artwork. I invite you to explore this collection and open your mind and heart to it's story.


Cheers to a new Beginning Collection

This collection is inspired by variety and the vibrant colors that spring brings. Reincarnating life, welcoming, and awakening. Spring is a reminder that no matter how grey, white or dark the winter was, it gives us the hope that keeps us strong during the winter.  

Land of living skies Collection

Living in different parts of Canada helped me see the beauty of nature from different lenses. This collection is inspired from the time when I used to live at the prairies. Sometimes, I find peace by just standing in front of an open field, looking at the endless horizon.  admiring the simplicity of nature where skies kiss the ground.


Between the woods Collection

Trees are some of the most beautiful and majestic creatures in nature. They can filter the light in a way that creates a magical atmosphere. Their branches, leaves and trunks contrast with each other and make for a gorgeous sight. Being between these woods can feel like being part of a giant family.
From forests of towering giants, to single trees that stand alone, trees bring a sense of serenity and seclusion to any room. This collection emphasize the intricate details of these beautiful creatures. 

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